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Looking for ways to easily promote business online? We live in times of fast cars and fast internet activities. The world around the web is revolving in a speed of light. As marketers, you need to cope with this change to compete with other brands inside the web. One effective way that can benefit your business is through a PERVASIVE PRESENCE™ online. The goal is for your brand to be everywhere at all times and at the same time.

To do that you must incorporate PERVASIVE PRESENCE™ Engine in your marketing strategy.But the question is, why does work for your business than of traditional internet marketing? Let’s take a look.

Why Traditional Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work

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“Traditional internet marketing” is dead. It doesn’t work anymore.

There’s a study that says most people no longer respond to traditional advertising, ads in TV commercials and print. People are responsive to social media where they can interact. They respond to what’s authentic.

Thus, when you “perform” internet marketing, you put into practice a wide range of skill sets. These are:

  • Technical know how,
  • Creativity,
  • Marketing psychology,
  • Strategic planning, and
  • Business processes.

These skills are advanced skills which are mostly not accompanied by traditional marketing. The question, what makes traditional marketing no longer useful? Let’s see.

Why Pervasive Presence™ Engine Work

Imagine your brand’s name in every city, every outpost, every social media activity. Remember, familiarity is a powerful force when it comes to marketing and sales. That’s why one of the reasons PERVASIVE PRESENCE™ engine works is because it’s dynamic and adaptable. But before I start diving into what PERVASIVE PRESENCE™ engine is, let’s first talk about why most internet marketing methods fail.

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What Used to Work

During the introduction of internet marketing, its early adopters have more advantage because there was little to no competition. You don’t have to do the “old school” ways when marketing online.There are no rooms for print ads and TV commercials online.

However, getting results back then was easier. But not so long until everyone is already doing it.

Google tightened up its algorithms. Now, those who really know what to do are only those who can get good results. Networks of internet marketing are improving, growing, and developing. Being stuck in phase 1 won’t help your business to grow.

Applies to Websites

This also applies to websites. With so many people saying
they can build a website, it’s very common that business
owners buy websites that don’t serve them.

To know which website isn’t fully designed, follow
these three key questions within 3 seconds of the
visitor landing on the website:

  • What do you do?
  • What can you do for me?
  • What do I do next?

Without following these three questions, that’s a cue that your website’s message may fail. To sum up, most websites aren’t designed appropriately to help it rank in Google. That’s one of the common website SEO mistakes business owners usually make.

Everyone Says They Can Do it

What worsens traditional internet marketing is that everyone’s saying that they can do it. They’re claiming that they’re internet marketing experts or consultants.

Business owners fail because they claim that they know everything… These business owners pay to have “experts” test and try only to find out that they didn’t know what they’re doing.

Take Charge

The question now is, what can consultants or small business owners do? You need to take matters into your own hands. Have a system that will work and adapt to the ever-changing internet marketing landscape.

It’s time to make use of a system that actually works… the PERVASIVE PRESENCE™ Engine. What is it and how it works? Let’s take a look!

The Pervasive Presence™ System

Being pervasive means being omnipresent. It’s when your business is recognizable everywhere. When you have a pervasive presence, your business is spread all over the Internet. Not only that, the pervasive presence™ system also means you put relevant information in your target audience. Prospective customers are also getting reminders of your presence in the marketplace through the help of this system.

Let’s discuss furthermore on pervasive presence groundwork…

The Pervasive Presence™ System Groundwork

Remember, unless people know who you are, no one will pay attention to you or to your brand. You have to get people to discover you, which means that you have to get their attention and interest.

The more attention you’ll get, the more places you’ll most likely be. The more people you’re with are also the more place you can be anywhere.

But to become fully effective, you must know who is your target audience first.

Know Your Target Audience

First thing first, know your target audience. You must know who
are the possible people to become your client or customer.
Who are your customers? Describe them…

Where can you find them in online and in offline?

Once you know who your target audience, you’ll know
what they do, what things they’re interested in, the
gender or age group. When you have all this information,
it will be easier for you to assemble your messaging to
attract them.

Target Audience

Remember that you need to be the only big fish in the pond. So aim to be the biggest in your niche. That’s why focus on narrowing your target audience as often as possible.
To help you narrow down your target audience, you can read on this helping article on
defining your target audience. This will ease your way to the success of your business.

Recognize Pain Points

A pain point is a problem, real or perceived. It’s one of the things that probably keeps your clients busy at night.

Once you know who your target audience is, your next goal is to identify what are your
clients’ pain points. Remember that you have to identify your target audience first to make it easier to recognize their pain points.

However, I have made an article to help you in Conducting an Effective Customer Pain Point Analysis. Reading this article can help you recognize your audience’s pain points and what to do with them.

Once everything is done you can now start developing and publishing your message. Create content that will catch the attention of your audience to turn them into customers. Just make sure that your message is direct and effective.

What is Your Impact

You already know your target audience and their pain points… Now the next thing to do is to figure out what will be your impact on them.

What to do with them?

Basically, you can categorize your impact in three levels:

  • Primary. This means how you will be able to help your customer today with your
    product or service.
  • Radiant. It’s how your product and service will affect their lives for the next few
    days. It will also include the benefits of the benefits of your product.
  • Ripple. When we say that an impact is a ripple, it’s an impact that is being the
    benefit of the benefit of the benefit. These are aftermaths that can be felt 30, 60, or 180 days after.

When we combine paint points with the impact it eventually becomes relevant to the target audience. And over time, it will become effective. Know more about pain points by checking the effective pain points marketing strategies for consultants.

Cast a Net

Now that you’ve followed these few first steps the next thing
to do is cast a net and catch your customers. Take note of the
possible social media platforms that you can find them.

Platforms like:

  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram, and
  • YouTube

These are famous social media platforms which your target audience may be spending a lot of their time. Make it to a point to impress and catch them on these channels.
Also, people on one social media platform tend to stay on that platform predominantly. So, you focus on only one platform you might miss out on a lot of your target audience. Make sure you peep on them on almost all platforms that are available.

98% Traffic on Waste

When you drive traffic only to your website, you might waste 98% of the effort and cost…


Let’s assume someone’s interested to buy. Say you have 3 exposures for your products, but your clients are still only 2% sure of buying.

With that said, it concludes that it will take 7 to 10 exposures to catch clients’ attention. You have to make sure they make it pass through 100% by making more exposures.

By that, you should know that retargeting plays an important part of your overall
marketing campaign.

Will They Be Interested?

After all the real deal will be is if your customers will be interested.

Take the 2% rule and assume that they’re ready to buy. But if they’re not, then you have to put relevant content targeting your target audience and add more to spice things up.

But having that means a slower nurturing and conversion time frame. This can take weeks, months, and even years in some cases.

Final Thoughts About Promote Easily with Pervasive Presence™ Engine

Today we talked about how we can be effective with internet marketing using pervasive presence engine. There’s a lot to take in to get your business everywhere, or pervasively present. Getting your content everywhere requires time and effort. Well, any business’ success does require a lot of effort.

Take note that the era of digital marketing is growing. The only way marketers to stay on top of that change is to become pervasive. Just remember to understand where your target audience is spending time online, so you can be there as well.If you want to
maximize your marketing success with pervasive presence engine, give us a click and contact Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services. Check our available services and
together let’s grow your internet marketing successfully.